The Woodsman Cub

The Cub in action at a show
With stainless grill fitted

The Woodsman Cub is a portable camping, caravanning and patio cooking system.


It is designed to burn wood but can be used with charcoal, eco fuels and even coal (using an accessory grate).


The Cub can be used as a cook top just like an AGA (the stainless steel grill can be fitted for barbequeing) or can be simply used as a fun source of heat on a chilly evening.


At shows, we regulary use the Cub to keep our kettle on the boil, provide bacon rolls for breakfast or even cook a stew from scratch. When not being used to cook, it provides us with some welcome warmth in the typical British summer.


All parts can be easily dismantled and stored inside the stove for transportation as shown below.

Included in the package is the stove body, screw in legs, a three section collapsible chimney, a solid plate cooktop, a stainless steel grill and the all essential poker.


All this for only £210.00 excluding postage and packing